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The library at DGS seeks to provide its members with a comperhensive range of resources and research on democratic digital government issues and initiatives within North America and Internationally.

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Digital Government Conference Proceedings

In 2007, the Society assumed responsibility for the annual digital government research conference from the US National Science Foundation.?The records of all past conferences are now permanently published and housed at the searchable ACM Digital Library, and the DBLP archive system. They Archived conference information is also available at the Society's archive page. 





EndNote? Reference Library

The Digital Government Society makes available to members the free version of the E-Government Master Library in EndNotes TM format. The library, prepared and maintained by faculty and students at the University of Washington, currently contains over 3, 090 references to peer-reviewed, English language work. (Last Updated 11/2009)


Government-Wide Portals

Canada Portal

The Canadian government's primary Internet portal for information on the Government of Canada, its programs and services, and for information about Canada.

Mexico Portal

The official site of the Mexican government in English gives a history of Mexico and access to government agencies and services.

United States Portal

This is the main portal for the US federal government with access to government information and services.? It also includes links to web sites of elected officials.


International Resources

Europe's Information Society

This is the thematic portal for the European Union's Information Society focusing on e-government issues and information.


The portal for communication and information on the UNESCO site includes current information on the subject as well as access to the library and UNESCO sponsored reports.

World Bank Institute

The World Bank Institute helps countries share and apply global and local knowledge to meet development challenges.? The Institute publishes a series of reports and information on topics such as Governance, Knowledge for Development, Community Empowerment and Social Inclusion, and Social? Protection and Risk Management.



Government Information QuarterlyGovernment Information Quarterly Government Information Quarterly is a cross-disciplinary and refereed journal that covers information and telecommunication policy and issues, information management, planning and e-government practices both within the US and abroad.


Information Policy, International Journal of Government and Democracy in the Information Age

Information Policy publishes articles from both academics and practicioners on political, economic, legal, managerial, organizational, and social themes and issues surrounding ICT in government and democracy.


International Journal of Electronic Government Research (IJEGR)International Journal of Electronic Government Research IJEGR is a peer-reviewed, multi-disciplinary, international journal that publishes original research about electronic government.? It is an official publication of the Information Resources Management Association.



International Journal of E-Planning Research (IJEPR)International Journal of E-Planning Research (IJEPR)

IJEPR is a peer-reviewed international quarterly journal that publishes original theoretical and innovative empirical research on the many aspects of the emerging interdisciplinary area of e-planning. The journal is mainly focused on e-planning theory, history, methods, ethics, best practices, e-planning pedagogy, future developments, and on the software technology associated with e-planning.

TG Front CoverTransforming Government: People, Process and Policy Transforming Government publishes leading scholarly research on the subject of technology integration and management of Government, and how this impacts on organizations and people.


Electronic Government, an International Journal

Electronic Government is a fully refereed journal that publishes articles that present current practice and research in the area of e-government.



International Journal of Electronic Governance

IJEG is a new international academic journal focusing on interdisciplinary issues of electronic governance and digital collaboration in the complex domain of administrative, political and social processes.


Journal of Law and Policy for the Information Society is an interdisciplinary journal of research and commentary concentrating on the intersection of law, policy,and information technology.

Electronic Journal of e-Government

EJEG is an oline journal that provides perspectives on topics relevant to the study and practice of all aspects of e-government and web-enabling technology in the public sector.

Journal of Information Technology and Politics The Journal of Information Technology and Politics is a new journal on the challenges and opportunities presented byu information technology in politics and government.

First Monday

First Monday is one of the first peer-reviewed journals on the Internet.? It

publishes original articles about the Internet and the global information infrastructure.


Information Technology for Development

Information Technology for Development

Information Technology for Development is a peer-reviewed journal that publishes articles that focus on the relationship between IT and development by proposing theroies or frameworks, best practices, tools and techniques.




The Dot Gov Buzz

Published by the GSA Office of Citizen Service and Communications.

E-Gov Monitor

This international newsletter publiched by Policy Dialogue International facilitates open dialogue on public policy and encourages innovation and excellence in public administration.

Europe's Information Society Egovernment & CIP Operations Newsletter

A bi-monthly newsletter on the activities and latest developments in the eGovernment field from the European Information Society.


The online version of Federal Computer Week with news and information from the front lines of the U.S. federal workforce.


Government Computer News provides online articles, blogs, white papers, eSeminars and other information on electronic government technology and products.

Online version of the monthly magazine for state and local government officials.

Government Technology

The online magazine for state CIOs and others in the public technology sector.

NASCIO Fast Facts

Published by the National Association of State Chief Information Officers.

Public CIO

Published by e-Republic, Inc, Public CIO focuses on providing thought leadership on policies, strategies and best practices to intergovernmental c-level public sector IT executives and their peers.


NSF Workshop Reports

Workshop Reports produced by the National Science Foundation Digital Government Research Program from 1997 are listed chronologically.


Report Series


Reports published by the U.S. Government Accountability Office for Congress are searchable by topic.

IBM Center for the Business of Government

Through sponsorships and grants IBM promotes the discussion and research of new approaches to improving the effectiveness of government.

Open CRS

US Congressional Research reports produced for members of Congress made available by The Center for Democracy and Technology.

National Technical Information Service

The US National Technical Information Service serves as a central source for US government funded scientific, technical and engineering information.? It also includes information from Canada, Europe and Japan.? This is a well organized and searchable site.


Web Sites


Center for Democracy & Technology

CDT combines expertise in law, technology and policy to seek practical solutions for enhancing democratic values and constitutional liberties in the digital age.

Center for Digital Government

A national research and advisory institute on information technology, policies and best practices in state and local government.

Center for Technology in Government

An applied research center at the University at Albany that works in partnership with government to address the policy, management, and technology dimensions of information use in the public sector.

Democracies Online

A web site, blog and e-newsletter for those interested in e-government issues.

Information Technology and Innovation Foundation

ITIF is a non-partisan research and educational institute - a think-tank - whose mission is to formulate and promote public policies to advance technological innovation and productivity internationally, in Washington, and in the States.

Intelligent Community Forum

ICF is a nonprofit think tank that focuses on the development of economic prosperity and inclusion in the global Broadband Economy.

IS World

A wide variety of resources and information for information systems academics and practitioners.

National Center for Digital Government Research

A social science research center at UMass Amherst that focuses on research at the intersection of governance, institutions and information technologies.

National Coalition for Dialogue & Deliberation

Web site for practitioners and scholars of Dialogue & Deliberation

National Conference of State Legislatures

Web site for the National Conference of State Legislatures gives information to state legislatures on topics of interest.

National Governors' Association's Center for Best Practices

NGA focuses on state innovations and best practices on issues that range from education and health to technology, security and the environment.? Links to their published reports are available.


Additional Resources

Centers for Research and Policy

This is an extensive list from The Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University.


To recommend additional resources, please send information to 


Information Policy, International Journal of Government and Democracy in the Information Age

Information Policy publishes articles from both academics and practicioners on political, economic, legal, managerial, organizational, and social themes and issues surrounding ICT in government and democracy.